Write a batch file to map network drives using group

Count - 2 Step 2 objLogFile. Summary Drive mapping preference items do not require any scripting knowledge and are easy to use. Next enter the share UNC path and select the drive letter.

Since the login script is forced to run each time a user logs in, it is perfectly suited to log each interactive access to any computer in the domain. Obviously, not every GPO should be linked at the domain; however, if there is an accounting organizational unit with three child OUs— then linking at the Accounting OU effects that largest amount of users.

Manual command for batch file to map network drive?

Well, you get the idea. To do so start the script as below, followed by the drive mappings. The log files need to be stored in directories per date, on a server where all Authenticated Users have Write permissions.

I will assume the users belonging to the Sales OU have already been added in active Directory. Inclusive Group Drive mappings solve this problem by allowing a configuration that maps a specific drive letter to a specific network share based on the user being a member of a particular group.

The latter to be addressed with the deployment methods 3 and on. We start by configuring the drive map preference item by choosing the Action of the item. Many companies do use a batch file as their login script, but in most cases this batch file serves only as a "wrapper" to start he "real" login script, e.

Make sure these modifications: Leveraging targeting items with drive mapping items increases the power in which to manage drive mapping to users and computers.

The drive mappings should be applied. When saving, to be sure the. One item contains our public drive mapping with an exclusive security group targeting item. Created on June 6, Manual command for batch file to map network drive? The client processes the public drive mapping GPO; however, the exclusive targeting item verifies that Monica is a member of the ExcludePublicDrives group.

How about, for example, the status of the AntiVirus software installed? I know that I can "reconnect on login" after mapping them, but then every day when I boot up normally I get an error message that all my drives could not connect because they can only be accessed after I launch the VPN.

We can determine this is an inclusive targeting item because of the text that represents the item within the list. Anyone have any ideas? Drive Mapping Basics March 1, We have all been mapping drives using various methods so long as we have had networked computers.

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Browse the script samples on this site, or other sites, for more details. There are many scenarios in which you may want to map a local drive letter to a specific network share to include public drive mappings, inclusive group drive mappings, and exclusive group drive mappings.

Exclusive drive mappings are best used when the number of user not requiring the drive mapping are fewer than the number that do. The client view of manager Monica Brink shows the results of applying Group Policy. Update does NOT delete the mapped drive— it only modifies the mapped drive with the new settings.

We can see the result on a client. Disconnect network printers Disconnecting network printers is much like disconnecting network drives: Regards CJ Rhoads This thread is locked. However, sometimes public drive mappings do not provide enough granularity.Mar 25,  · Hello All, I am new, just signed up and hopefully find this site really useful.

How Can I Map Drives Based on Membership in a Group?

I am an IT Intern and today my boss assigned me a project- to create a logon script that can map network drives and access printers once a user signs in to Windows 7. How to auto mapping network drive using GPO in 2k8. Ask Question. Edit: You could also use the new Group Policy Preferences in 2K8 to map a drive I tested with a batch file to write or read from the supposed mapped drive without logging on and none succeed.

I cannot get rid of the disconnected mapped drive either! In years past, automating network drive creation required the use of primitive batch files, luckily for us you can now do it through PowerShell.

To do it in PowerShell, press the Win + R keyboard combination to bring up a run box, then type powershell and hit enter.

The Cmdlet we are looking for is. Jul 16,  · need a batch file or script that will allow me to map a network drive with. a differnt user name and password at statup.

i know a VBS script will do this but i am unable to place this script on one domain controler. Nov 30,  · The user has mapped a drive using either the Map Network Drive option in Windows Explorer or by running the net use command in a non-elevated command prompt.

Mapped drives can be seen by running net use as a standard user from a non-elevated command prompt.

Using Group Policy Preferences to Map Drives Based on Group Membership

Many companies do use a batch file as their login script, but in most cases this batch file serves only as a "wrapper" to start he "real" login script, e.g.

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Write a batch file to map network drives using group
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