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Most of the victims were buried in common, unmarked graves. But the company ordered that the workers use a dry drilling technique that would create more dust because this method was faster and cheaper. But the jobs were not mining coal.

People called it tunnelitis. Workers moved forward from to ft per week through Nobody knows for sure how many were buried on the Martha White Farm and other places in Nicholas County. But few of them worked for long. The graves lie at the foot of a manmade hill that holds the expanded US Jones, chief engineer for the New-Kanawha Power company, R.

It houses tons of mineral silica a product that is used for electro processing steel. Faulconer, president of the same company; and E. The completed section of the tunnel is 15, feet long.

The interior of the tunnel was a white cloud of silica, impairing vision as well as clogging the lungs. Big Project Costing Nine Million Facts relating to the history and objects of this monumental construction project were told the assembled hearers by the various speakers.

Rocks were the only markers. The borings were started at opposite ends. When I asked Mr. Along with a summary of events, Spangler published hundreds of full original documents surrounding the incident.

A few families of the victims received settlement checks for a few hundred dollars at most. The tunnel provided steady work, by some accounts paying more than the mines that were still running, so it was a magnet for workers. The dust was from pulverized silica rock. Boulders wear ripples that look like windblown sand.

He warned of the danger from silica dust and ordered that the men be given respirators. Desperation was the reason these men worked but greed is why they died. There was no "colored" burial site. Their lungs grew stiff. Men who came from outside the area were buried quickly, sometimes anonymously, especially if those men were black.

There, at the lower end of the tunnel the celebration was held. White put no markers on the graves. Perkins, vice president; O.

Hawksnest Tunnel

Charlotte Yeager-Neilan, publisher of the Nicholas Chronicle, discovered evidence of graves on the hillside behind her house in Summersville. There was no burial sites nearby for black workers.

Yeager-Neilan felt that a memorial to honor the victims would indicate to families that even though seven decades have passed, the town was not without pity. During the s Depression, men were desperate for work of any kind. With the death of so many black workers, the problem of where to bury them became an issue.

Directly, a problem arose as black workers died. The deaths were painful, as the silica they inhaled created extensive and fibrous nodules on the lungs.

Nobody knows for sure how many people died; is the number you hear. Two-story rocks bear notches and holes and current-carved scars far above the modern water line. Apparently, the lives of African Americans were hardly thought to be worth the cost of the masks.The Hawks Nest tunnel is considered a marvel of modern engineering.

Completed in Junethe tunnel is 16, feet in length and drops in elevation a total of feet. Along with a dam built at the same time, the tunnel funnels water from the New River just below Hawks Nest, bypassing two riverbends to a hydroelectric plant downstream.

Governor Conley Attends Tunnel Celebration. West Virginians, both prominent in private and public life, joined Wednesday afternoon with the personnel of power and contracting companies organizations in a celebration of the practical completion of the water diversion tunnel between Hawks Nest and Gauley.

Built during the Depression, the Hawk’s Nest tunnel and dam project is a marvel. More than 80 years after the tunnel was completed and the power plant went online, they continue to generate electricity. Hawks along with Harry The Hawk spent their afternoon playing games with kids and families of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

we look back at Trae Young's best dimes from Summer League. The Hawks Nest Tunnel disaster was a large-scale incident of occupational silicosis as the result of the construction of the Hawks Nest Tunnel near Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, as part of a hydroelectric project.

This project is considered to be one of the worst industrial disasters in American history. Hawk's Nest Tunnel tragedy Sep Betty Dotson-Lewis, Contributor Seven decades later, the State of West Virginia, remembers the more than workers who died in the building of the mile Hawk's Nest Tunnel.

Last month the West Virginia State Humanities Council awarded a grant for the building of a memorial to the workers.

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