The legacy of george rogers clark essay

Their obligations had been limited to maintenance and protection of the property. This turned interpretation into a part of community relations for the park.

This would answer most of the questions that occurred to the average visitor and might inspire some visitors to ask more. Although occasionally the number listening to the audio tape in the rotunda increased, in general, the trend was clear.

Indiana had numerous parks such as Turkey Run State Park, an expansive natural area in the west central part of the state, dominating the attention of the state park system. Relations between the park and the cultural resources community had improved greatly in the aftermath of the construction of the visitor center.

One of the two was featured daily on a four-times-a-day schedule during the peak season. Treatment of Native American and African American themes became complex, fraught with the complicated politics of self-awareness that began in the s and which reached new heights during the s and early s.

But the echo made traditional Park Service interpretation difficult. Although there had been instances of living history interpretation in the national park system before the s, during that decade programs began to proliferate. George Rogers Clark National Historical Park was the first NPS site to implement such a technique, and the headsets were a significant step forward in interpretation.

Labor intensive and effective at serving small groups or individuals, even the most limited living history programs required the investment of significant resources.

As did many other state agencies with similar responsibilities across the nation, the Department of Conservation proceeded under the assumption that members of the public who visited the memorial came because they already possessed some prior knowledge of its importance.

In cooperation with Vincennes University, the park invited scholars to present their research. Tribes were angry in the Ohio country who had not been party to the treaty signed with the Cherokeebecause the Kentucky hunting grounds had been ceded to Great Britain without their approval.

As a federal agency, committed by law and desire to eliminate vestiges of historic discrimination not only in action but increasingly also by wordsthe Park Service took special care to remove remnants of any patronizing and derogatory interpretation.

In this context, the implementation of interpretive programming was as important as were other crucial areas such as local relations and maintenance of the structures. Although the capture of Fort Sackville was "the climax of the whole campaign," the Park Service had nothing dating from that era which could be shown to the public.

With the rehabilitation of the exhibits, only one additional feature of the interpretation program will require updating: Werker referred to himself as "conductor of the memorial.

Werker worked Wednesday through Sunday and Lagemann was in the rotunda the other two days.

George Rogers Clark

Nor did it have the necessary framework in which to present a comprehensive interpretive program. Despite such problems, the prospectus recommended the use of a motion picture depicting the Clark expedition as the primary source of interpretation.

As a result, while it attracted visitors to the park, it also presented interpretive difficulties. The new building, with twelve new museum exhibits and a ninety-six seat auditorium to show films, gave the Park Service a setting in which to offer a typical set of programs designed to leave the visitor with a fixed impression of the park and the importance of its themes.

The headphones in the rotunda, a typical Park Service melding of technology and circumstance, served as a mainstay in the process. Two, Willard Cockerham, who started inand Gerald "Jerry" Erny, who began two years later, became mainstays of the program.George Rogers Clark was born in Albermale County, Virginia on November 19, to John and Ann Rogers Clark.

The Clark family show more content As a young man, Clark dreamed of going to the unknown, beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains, a mere ten-minute walk from the Clark Plantation. At George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, where the Park Service lacked the kind of historic fabric to which it was accustomed, the need for the visitor center was even greater than usual.

How George Rogers Clark won the Northwest, and other essays in western history

In the meantime, the kind of interpretation that had been characteristic of the park continued. George Rogers Clark Essay - George Rogers Clark Who was George Rogers Clark.

This is probably a question most people in America couldn't answer. The reason is very simple, George Rogers Clark was a hero in an age of heroism. How George Rogers Clark won the NorthwestThe division of the Northwest into statesThe Black Hawk WarThe story of MackinacThe story of La PointeA Skip to main content Search the.

George Rogers Clark biography Enjoyed learning about George Refers Clark, although it was his younger brother, William who went on the Lewis and Clark expedition!

His acquaintance with the native Americans would be interesting to know more about. The Legacy of George Rogers Clark Essay - George Roger Clark was known as the "Conqueror of the Old Northwest" during the American Revolutionary War.

George Clark had became a huge help to capturing British and Indian territory, Northwest of the Thirteen Colonies.

The legacy of george rogers clark essay
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