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Strategic organizational planning requires the performance appraisal. Reward system is concerned with both financial and non-financial rewards. The organizational strategy has to be supported by short-term objectives and action plans, which can be a part of the performance appraisal process. Money is the most important motivator in financial reward.

Placing too much weigh on current performance in the selection process can force well-intentioned appraisers to make a poor decision. Prince, Include indexes of external customer satisfaction in the appraisal process. Work team and individual performance data should be collected and reviewed with an evaluation of results and lessons learned.

Reward system in Royal Bank Financial Group: The entire process was undertaken in order to modify the whole corporate culture. Work team or group evaluations should be undertaken with equal emphasis to individual-focused evaluations. Therefore, scales should be limited to between 3 and 5.

Recognition is also an important through job promotion, allocation to a high-profile project, enlargement of the job to provide scope for more interesting and rewarding work, and various forms of status or esteem symbols.

A subsequent survey showed that these values were now crystal clear to everyone.

Motivated employees are an essential attribute of any successful organization. Still, a person may perform well or badly because of luck or factors beyond his or her control therefore; the management-by-objectives approach should be supplemented by appraisal of managers as managers, that is, appraisal of how well they perform their key managerial activities.

This is echoed by Mullins stating that motivation is linked to the attempt of individual to achieve certain goals which are related to the opportunity of satisfying a particular need. RBC ranks number 83 on the Forbes Global list edition.

After analysis some useful recommendations are also presented for the betterment of the reward system in the company. One of the basic concepts of TQM is continuous process improvement, therefore, if this concept is to be achieved, it must be appraised. There is no doubt that we live in a money-motivated world.

Are they well communicated and fair? Armstrong and Murlis said money is important to people because it is instrumental in satisfying a number of their most pressing needs.

In the Work Planning and Review approach to appraisal, It will be emphasized that frequent performance discussions need to be undertaken. People can also be motivated by rewards and incentives, which will enable them to satisfy their needs or will provide them with goals to attain.

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The Company undertakes the holistic approach towards the management of its employees. Go et al describe motivation as willingness to exert high levels of effort towards organizational goals, conditioned by the efforts to satisfy some individual need.

Is your manager delivering what you need to succeed? Mullins does emphasize that motivation is a complicated issue though and that people tend to be motivated by a variety of factors.

The Company puts great emphasis on the alignment of strategy and operational analysis and planning methodologies in an integrated manner. Motivation is a complex combination of perceptions, aspirations and environmental interactions off all which affect behavior.

Strategic choices require trade-off.

Reward system in The Royal Bank of Canada Essay Sample

There is frequently a lag between process improvement and the results from that improvement. The company has kept on adopting innovative techniques in order to effectively undertake planning, management and resource allocation issues.

The HR policy of the bank supports the theory of strong performances of individuals rather than the performance of a monolithic whole business. Use peer and subordinate feedback as index of internal customer satisfaction.

It is taking action to satisfy needs. The bank is acquiring high level of profits since the last decade through the use of innovative human resource management techniques. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Traditional appraisal methods that attempt to measure personality traits have serious limitations. Economic rewards including pay, benefits and job security; intrinsic satisfaction including nature of work, achievement and personal development and Social relations including the work environment, colleagues and feelings of belonging.

More directly useful to most managers is Beer et al.

It is signification not only because of what they can buy with it but also as a highly tangible method of recognizing their worth, thus improving their self-esteem and gaining the esteem of others.

With this step taken the efficiency of the employees increased, as they became able to concentrate at their areas of specialties.Royal Bank of Canada was founded in and chartered in It became Canada’s largest bank and was the first bank in Canada to install computer technology.

Essay on Royal Bank Of Canada (Rbc) - This case discusses a crisis at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) that occurred on May 31, The crises involved a programming change to a vital piece of banking software.

Essay about Food Bank Use in Canada Food Bank Use in Canada According to Food Banks Canada, food bank usage has soared to 28% in the past three years, with more thanCanadians making use of a food bank in a typical year (Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, March ).

Royal Bank of Canada In Thailand Case Study Douglas Marks The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) moved back to Thailand on June 16, which they offered corporate and correspondent banking services from there office located on wireless road. The Bank of Canada essays Canada's central bank, the Bank of Canada, is a largely unknown institution to the majority of Canadians.

Despite its small size and obscurity, however, the Bank of Canada plays a vital role in the nation's economy. Papers and proceedings from Bank of Canada conferences, seminars, and workshops Visiting Scholar Program Information on the Bank of Canada’s collaborative research program for outstanding scholars.

The bank of canada essay
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