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It is an enlightening depiction of the evolution of a true phenomenon, the age of personal computers. Critical response[ edit ] The personalities were very accurately portrayed Microsoft just took it from Xerox or Apple or whomever. I have appreciated both actors, and have enjoyed TNT films before.

On the whole, a completely fun flick. Pirates of silicon valley review I pick up my slide-clicker and then I put my hands together. Again, I would like to say that "Pirates" promises to be interesting, but please give "Triumph" a try. OK, now this is where I do the thing I hate most about reviews.

This is a TNT original film that shows not only the development of these two computer companies, but also the rilvary between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. A misconception that this film seems to support is that the Apple Lisa never saw the light of day when in fact it did.

Someone deserves a bonus. Pirates of Silicon Valley was a fairly informative look at how Apple and Microsoft came to be, and there were some very interesting looks at what the first personal computers looked like, but the film itself is not nearly as informative as it should be.

This film was put together fairly well, but there was just not enough effort and research put into it by the writers and producers. Even after the Mac was released. Apple release the Lisa to market in one year before Macintosh.

The facts that this movie tries to relay to the public are convoluted, out of order, or just dead wrong. It took them a long time to get it halfway right. We learn early on that Steve Jobs is adopted and he faces many difficult issues because of his lack of self-identification as a result of the adoption.

Check it out before Gates or Jobs sees it and decides to sue! However, the idea of the personal computer was just gaining speed and this is where both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates found their niche.

He noted in an interview that it was "a great movie. Good film for entertainment value, but poor for historical r I watched this film when it aired on TV several years ago.

Apple battle over the years. The glasses, the voice, the weird head-bobbing thing. The high point in the movie, for me at least, was when Bill Gates found himself in jail and the door to his cell was closing in on him for a traffic violation.

BIG corporate America incapable of a little personal computer vision.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Woz would show up once a week with his latest to test it out, and Steve Jobs was on the phone a lot in the kitchen. I honestly had had no idea what to expect: Chris 21 June An excellent movie The movies suggest that when the by the time the Mac was released Gates had windows already shipping.

Sure, it follows the creators from high school age, but the film structure is very blocky and it jumps around a lot.

I just wanted a small startup experience and a chance to design a smaller product again, a universal remote control. Bill Gates is depicted as the typical computer nerd, who leaves a Harvard education to start Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen.

At that time I had little knowledge of the history behind Apple and Microsoft. The film is a wonderful illustration of modern day entrepeneurs and gives us an inside look at the management style of both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

I gotta say, I really enjoyed it! Noah Wyle was just uncannily close to Jobs.

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I found myself thinking it was actually Steve on the screen. The film actually devotes much more time to Noah Wylie as the creepy Steve Jobs.

Actually, he was intellectually open and contributing and, more than anyone else, he ran and structured the company in the early days, while Steve floated around getting his feet wet at running a company and learning to be a top executive.

Mike was portrayed in the movie in a very inaccurate and unfair way, making it look like he was financially shrewd. It is entertaining, and shows the good side, and bad side of the whole revolution. Wylie captures that whole Bay Area hippy, geek thing perfectly.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pirates of Silicon Valley at ultimedescente.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Pirates of Silicon Valley is an original American made for television biographical drama film, directed by Martyn Burke and starring Noah Wyle as Steve. ★★★★ Movie is good. You will love it. Since, it is based on true events. Some instances are exaggerated because it is a movie.

You can read the full review on my blog: Pirates of Silicon Valley- Review. It's fair to say that "Pirates of Silicon Valley" established the standard that all worthy movies about the computer revolution will need to follow. Pirates is. Reviews, discussions, and comments about the entertainment Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Pirates of Silicon Valley currently has 20 review(s). The good news for Mac fans in the TV movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” is that Bill Gates comes across as a shifty con-man with questionable morals .

Pirates of silicon valley review
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