Osteosynthesis method

Kryptonite - a Novel Osteosynthesis Method for Median Sternotomy

Immediate complications involve direct damage Osteosynthesis method neurovascular structures. Prior to removal of the frame, a careful assessment of the regenerate and docking site, if present, is required.


In one embodiment illustrated in figure 6, the support bar 2 comprises one end, or two, comprising no flat part Hypertrophic nonunions have traditionally been treated by revision to rigid fixation. Limb lengthening and reconstruction surgery.

Ilizarov had been bestowed the Osteosynthesis method honour of Hero of Socialist Labour inand became a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences ten years later. Ilizarov named his method transosseous compression-distraction osteosynthesis and formulated its principles [1, 2].

Iacobellis C, Cacciato F. For the implantation of an osteosynthesis device according to the method according to the invention, several types of implants, for example screwed or comprising a hook, may be used.

Mechanical induction of osteogenesis. Though formally trained in general medicine, Ilizarov was promoted to Director of the Kurgan Research Institute for Experimental Orthopaedics and Traumatology because of his experience with his innovative apparatus.

Although its initial application was to effectively stabilize severe fractures for healing, Ilizarov realized that the apparatus could also be used to lengthen a limb.

The Ilizarov Centre for Orthopedic Surgery in Kurgan has been repurposed to focus on the surgical correction of congenital limb abnormalities Figure 3.

It can be adapted to screw or hook implants and will be represented here in the case of screw, or pedicular screw, implants. InSoviet high jumper and Olympic champion, Valery Brumel, found his career cut short after a severe automobile accident. Pseudoartroze i defekti kostiju--metod Ilizarova. Shortening assists with the closure of soft tissue defects, though it may result in soft tissue redundancy and swelling.

In the embodiments illustrated in figures 1 to 6, the clamping screw 31 comprises a plane part at its end pressing on the flat part 31 of the bar.

These adjustments may be composed of a positioning of the implants at different distances from the end of the bar, to adjust the position of the spine in a sagittal plane, i.


Due to the fact that implants of the same model can accept several bar thicknesses e1, e2, it will be possible to modify the choice of bar rigidity after fixing the implants, without needing to extract said implants from the vertebrae Osteosynthesis method insert others, therefore also without damaging the vertebrae further in the case of screwed implants.

But during the tensions in the Cold War era, Soviet Union made it extremely difficult for people from the Western World to gain access to this "closed" Soviet city. Therefore, clamping is carried out on large contact surface and ensures a good reliability in itself. Management of posttraumatic segmental bone defects.

Their papers were presented in domestic and foreign books and journals []. The tension-stress effect on the genesis and growth of tissues: The end of the flat part in this case forms a shoulder 23 which ensures that the bar 2 does not escape from the implant in a direction longitudinal to said bar.

Rozbruch SR, Ilizarov S. Olive wires provide an important buttress effect in the correction of angular deformity [6]. Such a bar may in this way comprise several grooves along its length in different angular positions. Stability also depends on the number and size of the rings in the apparatus and the rigidity of the fixator construct.Purpose To evaluate the safety and efficacy of our new delayed sternal closure (DSC) method, involving sternal semi-closure using a bioresorbable osteosynthesis device and complete skin closure.

Methods. Sixty-seven patients (mean age, 41 years; range, 22–76 years) of this prospective study were divided into two groups according to treatment randomly: ORIF group (plate osteosynthesis) and IMN group (intramedullary nail).

EP1372503B1 - Spinal osteosynthesis device and preparation method - Google Patents

The Ilizarov method is a valuable alternative option to more conventional methods in the treatment of severe wound contamination and in cases of soft tissue or bone loss. Ilizarov named his method transosseous compression-distraction osteosynthesis and formulated its principles [1, 2].

EPB1 - Spinal osteosynthesis device and preparation method - Google Patents Spinal osteosynthesis device and preparation method Info Publication number EPB1. EPB1. The global osteosynthesis devices market size was valued at USD billion in The market growth is driven by the rise in cases of osteoporosis in the growing elderly population worldwide.

Osteosynthesis is the reduction and internal fixation of a bone fracture with implantable devices that are usually made of metal. It is a surgical procedure with an open or per cutaneous approach to the fractured bone.

Osteosynthesis method
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