Locker checks persuasive essay

This connects to my argument because their stuff will be kept very clean in a neat environment if students are given lockers to use. With rising danger in schools, locker searches seem like the right thing to do. Even though a school might think they are protecting everyone by randomly searching lockers, it is unfair.

It is immoral for high schools to demand random locker checks for illegal items because it is an invasion of privacy, doing such an act could be expensive, and wont teach students privacy rights.

Saying it is ok for schools to randomly search lockers is not sending students the right message. While removings drugs and firearms, these searches protect students and faculty alike, creating a safe and efficient workplace.

Simply put, locker searches will create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. What I mean by this is that many desks are rusty and have gum stuck under them. These accusations are unfair to the child. Schools Locker checks persuasive essay be making allegations.

Furthermore, lockers must also be maintained. Next, locker frisks can provide a peace of mind for individuals in the building. It is written that locker searches will be conducted at random. No ones locker deserves to randomly be gone through because the school feels like it.

Items are kept in lockers to be safe and sound. This will reduce cases where things are being stolen. We will write a custom essay sample on School Locker Search Persuasive Essay or any similar topic only for you We will write a custom essay sample on School Locker Search Persuasive Essay or any similar topic only for you Order now If a search had discovered the bomb, students could have been evacuated to a safe area and protected from the blast.

Persuasive Essay Examples Lockers for Everyone What would you think if you had to put your personal belongings in a crate, and every time you turn around something of yours were stolen? Lastly, schools must protect against the use of lockers in serious crimes. That is why I think students should have lockers.

Although students are protected by the fourth amendment, lockers do not have to follow this guideline Nytimes.

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This gives a very civil warning for the students. A school should step back and think if this is really necessary. It is never okay to take away the right of privacy from somebody. Students should have lockers because it will stop people from stealing their stuff. Finally, frisks can stop some of the biggest issues in school: Drug dogs, policeman, and investigators come with a hefty price.

The reason for this is that the children will have their own lockers plus their own locks, which only they have the combination to.

Finally, locker frisks will promote a safer feeling environment, preventing unnecessary absences by students. In Januarya bomb explosion in a Kansas High School locker sent 11 students to the hospital Schoolsecurity. A locker is owned by the school and loaned to the student, therefore entry is always legal.

This is important because students may suffer health problems from having to carry all their stuff everywhere. I can tell you right now that nobody would like that. With this legal authority, schools should flex their rights and protect their students. He later confessed to police that he intended to sell the drug.

In short, locker checks create a safer, more efficient environment for everyone in school. Sitemap Persuasive Essay 2 How would you like it if one day someone was riffling through your room without telling you?

If we have lockers stealing in school would go down, it would create a safe and clean place for students to put their things, and students would complain less and be healthier.Check out the online debate I believe all schools should perform backpack and locker checks.

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School Locker Search Persuasive Essay; In short, locker checks create a safer, more efficient environment for everyone in school. All in all, there is no reason a school shouldn’t search lockers.

As its property, an institution can search anything it owns, without a reason. While removings drugs and firearms, these searches protect. School Locker Search Persuasive Essay.

Topics: Education PERSUASIVE ESSAY Prompt: Do you think cell phones should be allowed in school? Compose an essay to persuade the school community of your opinion. STEP 1: ANALYZE THE PROMPT Role: myself as a student Planning.

Dec 25,  · Can you read the essay and tell me the mistakes I made. And tell me how I can improve it.

Persuasive Essay On Locker Searches

Why shouldn’t they be able to? Random locker checks aren’t done to torture us or invade our privacy, but to keep us safe and secure.

School Locker Search Persuasive Essay

Read my Essay on Locker Searches? Can you read the essay and tell me the mistakes I Status: Resolved.

Locker checks persuasive essay
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