Health tourism ayurveda in kerala

Prior to your arrival in India we will have organized all your travel, accommodation and appointments in the hospital where you need to receive the treatment.

Health (Medical) Tourism in Kerala, India

Advance reservation is recommended. We have specialised treatment for Disc bulge, Neck and lower back related ailments. The natural herbs and oils used in the therapy are of great medicinal value as is said in the Vedic literature on Ayurveda.

Medicated ghee is given internally in a gradually increased quantity for specific periods. Disfigurement, especially to the face, can often cause depression; the person may feel uncomfortable going out in public and interacting with others.

Ayurvedic Healing in Kerala

Alleppey is a district of immense natural beauty. Patients must also undergo one unpleasant but brief session of induced vomiting. From treatments like uzhichil and pizhichil to curing illnesses like arthritis to beauty massages for the skin and hair; there is no place better than Kerala to seek the benefits of Ayurveda.

It helps rejuvenate the body, fight stress, and offer relief in life-style related diseases. Please Note The Ayurvedic physician will decide on a specific programme for every individual after evaluation. The system gets purified when the poisonous elements are removed from the body.

At present, the magazine has editions in English, German, Arabic and Russian languages. The principle of Naturopathy is that the accumulation of toxins is the root cause of all diseases.

The purity and wellness of Ayurvedic treatment we provide is rare to find anywhere else. The magazine has exclusive sections on Yoga, food and beauty care which have become a major attraction with the young generation of readers.

Kerala Tourism at a Glance

It involves many treatments which include massaging using medicated oils and many other treatments which treat many common ailments that are common due to todays modern life style. Thanks to these factors, Kerala is also a highly sought after destination for medical tourism.

Please consult with our office for any further information on insurance policies. Variations include Oordhwanga Dhara good for diseases of the eyes, ears and skinTakra Dhara for those suffering from memory loss, severe headache or insanity and Sarvanga Dhara for both head and body.


Sreejith, medical director at Athreya, says he tells patients what to expect from Ayurveda, including its limitations. Sreejith says getting away from daily pressures can also contribute to the success of treatment. With its tradition of Ayurveda, Kerala offers patients recovering from surgery numerous avenues for peaceful relaxation.

This undated photo released by Prasad Ushus shows Sajo John, a yoga teacher, right, as he demonstrates the steam bath usually taken after a massage for 10 minutes or more at Athreya Ayurvedic Resort in Kottayam, India.

Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam and Vidyapeedham will strive to bring Ayurveda back to prominence in all its scientific depth and glory, as a dependable system of healthcare for the modern world.Development of Medical Tourism in Kerala with Special Reference to Ayurvedic Tourism.

is now all set to reap the benefits of Ayurveda through health tourism. The reason for this is the. The places offering the best packages in Ayurveda in Kerala are: Somatheeram Ayruveda Resort near Kovalam, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Shala which is a hospital, Beach and Lake Ayurveda Resort and Surya Samudra Spa Niraamaya at Tivandrum, Keralyeem Ayurvedic resort near Allepey and Ayurkshethra at.

Ayurvedic Healing in Kerala. October 15, By Iris. 7. Shares. with the feel of a spa rather than a medical retreat. In all, Kerala is home to 92 government-approved Ayurveda resorts, rated either with the top Green Leaf or slightly lesser Olive Leaf rating, based on the level of Ayurveda they practice, Kerala tourism officials say.

Kerala is usually marketed as a health destination for its Allopathy, Ayurveda, Dental packages. Medical tourism is marketed along with allopathy,ayurveda, dental and other health packages. Medical tourism is like any leisure product where apart from travel package, one gets medical treatment at.

Kerala is already marketed as a health destination mainly for its Ayurveda packages. Medical tourism is marketed along with ayurveda and other health packages. Major hospitals like KIMS, Trivandrum, Lake Shore and AIMS in Kochi, and MIMS, Calicut have pioneered joining hands with the Government promoting Medical Tourism.

Health (Medical) Tourism in Kerala, India Over the last few decades India, especially Kerala has made tremendous achievements in the Medical industry. We are now in a position to provide any such advanced surgical and health care treatments in a cost effective way.

Health tourism ayurveda in kerala
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