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Glory (1989) Movie: Summary and Review

Any faults in the directing are made up by the detail put in to the film and the superior sound and score. He hates all white people, Confederates most of all.

Horner composed thirty one motion picture scores from to Reflection Essay on Glory "Glory" Reflection Essay The story was based upon black men from the North, fighting for slavery that was going on in the South.

This showed that even though the color of their skin is different than white peoples, the courage and bravery are still strong. Glory captures that triumph. He was nominated the same year for an Academy Award for the score for Field of Dreams.

Understanding Shaw philosophical views as an abolitionist and the societal views of blacks being subservient to whites, certainly a young man leading the first black regiment would experience a certain degree of self doubt and contradiction.

Slaves that lived down south were beaten and not respected at all.

Most of the critics agree that the historical detail was a redeeming element of the film. The thing I had to do was bring myself into that situation.

The men of the 54th were able to give enough courage over all of the other troops and be the first ones to go into the battle. The credibility of Glory is heighten by the amount of effort devoted to recreating the historical details. Lukas suggests that Zwick looked to appeal to contemporary audiences.

The South appeared to be a place that was very hot and unpleasant. If so they would have found that Shaw was indeed a youthful officer given charge of the Fifty-Fourth as Colonel at the age of Shaw, which Leonard Maltin calls his most ambitious part.

Howe notes that the performance of Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman uplift the film. Equally as important as acting to the impact of the movie Glory is the Musical score composed by James Horner. Perhaps the reviewers did not have the luxury of time to research the history of Robert Gould Shaw or the Fifty-fourth.

The remaining characters Lukas believes lack dimension. Over two hundred and fifty members of the regiment died in that battle and several more were injured. An extremely talented cast and crew earned three Academy Awards cinematography, sound and supporting actor and five nominations for their work in Glory.

The climax of the movie is fairly accurately represented."Glory" is one movie which certainly lives up to its name. Set during the American Civil War, this film tells the true story of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, played by Matthew Broderick, and his 54th Regiment of Volunteer Infantry:.

Movie Review of Glory Essay - Movie Review of Glory The movie “Glory” tells the history and the story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. It became the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War.

The Regiment was made up of black soldiers – some were Northern freemen, some were escaped slaves. Movie Essay: Glory. Uploaded by.

Reflection Essay on Glory

Moriah Gabrish. Moriah Gabrish Mr. Affeldt IB History October 3, Glory Essay Glory tells the story of a Civil War colonel who leads the war's first all-black volunteer regimen into battles and discovers along the way he has to confront the moral question of racial prejudice within, and outside of, his.

"'…I am a bad priest and a bad man'" (Greene ). In Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory, the main character, an unnamed priest, admits that he is a bad priest. Reflection Essay on Glory "Glory" Reflection Essay The story was based upon black men from the North, fighting for slavery that was going on in the South.

The movie Glory is shown through 5 different perspective: Robert Gould Shaw and his journey commanding the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment during the civil war, Private Trip, Private Jupiter Sharts (a scared and aloof man), Corporal Thomas Searles (an educated man who grew up with Shaw) and Sgt.

Maj. John Rawlins (a .

Glory movie summary essay
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