Foreclosure solution scholarship essay Scholarship Program Winning Essay 2012, Aric Olsen (Grand Prize)

The country is full of Americans ready to work together to put an end to this recession, and the foreclosure crisis. It is the foulest of self-fulfilling prophecies, but we will not see the trap unless, and until, someone in Washington shows us the alternative.

Elections make it all too easy to forget this aspect of governing a free nation based on capitalism. Giving money to a society that remains unaware will not make it fiscally smarter; yet enlightening a population will. We see Democrats arguing with Republicans; conservatives attacking liberals.

Capital spending, and the employment it generates, sustains work that allows the economy as well as the housing sector to recover and flourish.

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Equally important is communicating that message to the population. Obama may have won the election, but he governs a divided nation with policies that seem no closer to inviting the aid of a private sector he desperately needs to rebuild his economy.

The Solution The political reality is that I needed both of these candidates.

Conclusion Stemming the flood of forecloses cannot be accomplished without solving the fundamental economic problems that drive the issue. The winner of the scholarship will be determined through an essay contest, the details of which are detailed below.

They bought as much house as they thought they could afford. Then can follow a different kind of stimulus that can be undertaken with a focus on capital investment and teamwork rather than consumer incentive. The federal government cannot stimulate that kind of thinking with mere money; nor was it so designed.


Ironically, both political bases would define the other side as divisive. Simultaneously, the country must accept that the only long-term solution to the foreclosure dilemma is to get the economy growing again.

Leaving homeowners trapped under suffocating mortgages, even though they signed the contract, will not bring us closer to recovery either.

American thought needs to understand this critical point, and any policy that does not elaborate this simple truth does little to unite a country struggling to be whole again. Carp is a skilled attorney who is committed to resolving legal issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.An Integrated Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis Essay Words | 9 Pages.

Foreclosure. Only recently has the term become a buzz word among the American public and various media. Scholarship essay contest topic and eligibility The Kenneth P.

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Solving The Foreclosure Crisis Essay. Foreclosure rates all around the country have sky rocketed within the past year.

This poses a severe economic problem for. Scholarship Program Winning EssayAric Olsen (Grand Prize) ARIC R. OLSEN, UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, $5, “When they lose their sense of awe, people turn to religion.

Foreclosure solution scholarship essay
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