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There is no pain on urination for any of the family members. The family uses laxatives only occasionally, particularly after a plane trip or a long Family health essay trip. The family was content with their current living situation in their suburban home. The parents exercise on an elliptical.

This is bound to reduce their exhaustion levels and also contribute to strengthening the family unity. This can be due to the effects of child bearing, in addition to poor pelvic floor muscles.

Family Health Assessment Paper Essay Sample

The boy has been receiving treatment for his depression though there still remains work to be done. This family currently has a good health status. The older boy has been taught the importance of proper testicular self-examination.

The mother, daughters and ten year old son all have one sensory input disorder which is an eye disorders.

The system usually works to restore homeostasis in response to changes. They are also involved in other activities such as karate, dance, piano and guitar lessons. The mother is in good health though she has minor gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD.

The older children can also assist in the household chores so as to leave their parents with more time for rest and sleep. It will keep him occupied while at the same time bringing in some money for the family. The family reports themselves as being able to adjust to changes such as loss of employment and income.

There were no complaints for memory loss or problems. Sexuality and Reproduction The mother reported that she has had eight pregnancies and 4 births. This will overall help bridge a gap between parent and child for open communication.

These activities help the family to build trust and unity. The mother also needs to rest more due to her alternate shifts.

The family members are satisfied with the family relationships and roles.Essay on Family Health History Words Mar 9th, 6 Pages Americans today are faced with a number of health issues, mainly as a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, and lifestyle choices; but, of course, genetics does play a part.

Family Health Assessment Paper Essay Sample. Family is an important unit in the community system. Family should be thought of as a unit, in which each person within the family has their own unique role.

 Health Assessment Family health assessment in a vital tool that helps the family be aware of any problems concerning planning and maintaining good health. The nurse plays an important role in assessing the health of a family with the use of the 11 Gordon’s functional health patterns.

A healthy family is a family with a primary source of love, joy, warmth, and. togetherness. The perfect example of a healthy family is depicted in the well-known/5(10). Sep 18,  · Family health nursing is a primary care that provides a range of healthcare promotional services to families.

It aims to improve the status of health in all members of the family, from children, youth to adults. Family health nurses have the role of promoting the physical, social, and emotional health of families that have NWS.

This essay discuss the health pattern and functions of Nyennoh’s family. This is a nuclear family with mother of age 32 father 34 and three children of age groups eleven years old boy, nine years old girl and five years old boy.

Family health essay
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