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In response to the known benefits of marijuana, the government has sanctioned for the creation of marinol. The attainment of these drugs is a problem for these addicts. You handle your own insurance and you take your own collections" Gray While even if the candidate had a change of heart, he would not be able to do anything about it.

This money would be better spent on schools, roads, and other things that the people of America could use. A heroin user becomes accustomed to using a certain amount of heroin in order to get high.

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Many problems began to occur concerning the laws, also there were many critiques concerning weather or not it would work and be kept as a law.

Jail is not the answer for addicts, treatment is.


One of the prices of the war on drugs is larger prisoner populations than ever before. However the illegality of the substances in question do not stop all people from using. Everyrockefeller drug laws essay a shipment of high quality heroin hits the street, then that same user will use the same amount of drugs and invariably over dose.

In many cases a first time drug offender being charged under these laws can receive a higher sentencing then a person Everyrockefeller drug laws essay of murder or rape.

If marijuana was reclassified from a schedule one prohibitedto a schedule two regulated drug, doctors could prescribe it easily.

This would mean that these thousands of registered voters would be out of jobs. Considering that the entirety of drug trade is done on an illegal black market, prices are astronomical. This has been shown to be false. With nearly five in every 1, Americans behind bars on any given day, the United States has the dubious distinction of incarcerating a higher percentage of its citizens than any country in the world.

Marijuana is the third most popular drug in America. Narcotic laws cause a black market, which raises the prices of drugs to astronomical levels. Whereas cocaine is an expensive drug that is normally used by white wealthy people. As marijuana is a substance which is bulky and harder to transport than say cocaine.

Drug tests do nothing to detect the usage of narcotics in the workplace. The street crime, which most political candidates pledge to clean up, is a direct result of the measures which the United States has taken in order to make it a so called better place.

The government avoids ending anti-narcotic legislation because of the vast amount of capital which is spent on the war on drugs in terms of law enforcement and prison systems.

The study has never been duplicated again, and further studies with larger test populace has debunked this myth" Norml. The laws state specifically that, "the statutes require judges to impose a sentence of years to life for anyone convicted of selling two ounces, or possessing four ounces of "narcotic drugs".

For New York the drug war had just begun.

Many people were for the new laws; they saw drug dealing as if it were just like murder because the death rate from narcotics at the time was increasingly high and the danger of the drugs being on the streets was worse. This widely believed notion was from one study involving three monkeys.

The United States government knows all the problems which drug legalization would alleviate. What you put into your body while not in the workplace should be no business of your employer. The only problem that you face is someone in your organization being caught by law enforcement.

Many judges and politicians began to meet and rebel at the State Legislature to either put an end to the law or break it down. Those two are not a good combination. The numbers show that it is cheaper to treat people for drugs than it is to incarcerate them.

However, the current laws on the books create a system where it is beneficial for children to deal drugs, especially in urban areas with large minority populations. The drug laws became even worse when space in prisons were becoming minimum and the expense to keep someone in prison was becoming more expensive.The free Research Papers research paper (Reform Drug Laws essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Research Papers, use the professional writing service offered by our company. Drug Laws essaysIt is obvious that illegal drugs have become a major cause for concern in North America. It is becoming increasingly difficult to fight the war on drugs since many substances are readily available to anyone who can afford them.

According to the PFDA, Partnership for a Drug-Free Amer. Drug Laws and Drug Law Enforcement Since the late 19th century, the federal and states governments of the United States have enacted laws and policies to deter the use and distribution of illegal drugs.

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Free Essay: “Rockefeller Drug Laws” In May ofNew York’s Governor, Nelson Rockefeller, made a set of strict anti-drug laws for the state legislature. Free Essay: The drug control policy of the United States has always been a subject of debate.

From Prohibition in the early ’s to the current debate over.

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