Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong

T he product line may be t oo long of reducing product line lengt h result s in more prof it s. A target audience may be denned by their age, gender, Tamil status, little, interests or a combination of these characteristics.

The combination of 30 SSP and errs of water resistance will instantly place the product at least equally, in terms of functional attributes, at the top of the market.

Blabbing customers are likely to be driven to satisfy their social image needs and needs for pleasure. Promotions and promotional material aid in increasing public familiarity with the brand. Blabbing has made the decision to extend their existing product range in an attempt to take advantage of this new demand for health and beauty products.

Print advertisements also feature in more male oriented publications such s Ralph and FEM. However, it is likely to be financially unsound to attempt to target all consumers within the group.

Swatch Makes Time for Luxury

A product line is a broad group of product s, int ended f or similar uses and having similar charact erist ics. The website is easy to use, easy to find and is prevalent in all the advertising material; increasing consumer knowledge of the website. For easy application, the Liable is packaged in a squeezable tube, making for easy and mess-free application; all of which is very handy when applying at the beach.

Another powerful promotional tool is the brands website. From the racketing perspective of a reputable manufacturer, it is more desirable to have the clothes grouped by brand rather than by category as this allows consumers to search for the specific brand they wish to purchase.

A target audience may be established by asking questions such as: Examples of promotion include: T he product line can be alt ered by alt ering one or more of t he f ollowing at t ribut es.

In market ing, Cannibalizat ion ref ers t o a reduct ion in t he sales volume, sales revenue, or market share of one product as a result of t he int roduct ion of a new product by t he same Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong.

Each line has several product s t o of f er. In saying this, it is not expected that the consumer will automatically purchase the product, but that they will hold a doubtable intention which may assist in their decision. A marketing approach to increase the popularity of Blabbing products is to promote consumption as more than an experience, but rather a statement of image and self-expression.

The website shows the entire product list, which are available for purchase online. Bearing this in mind, and realizing that the target audience is a relatively specific one, it is doubtful that the audience will be reached on a frequent basis via this medium.

In simple words, any organizat ion which is selling more t han 1 product has a product mix. It would be unwise for a brand such as Blabbing to extend an already successful reduce range if there was any reason to believe that it would not be as successful as the collective existing products. The target audience, whether undergoing an external or internal search will find Blabbing to be at least equal see Section 4.

Cannibalism is t he act of any animal consuming members of it s own t ype or kind. For example, Blabbing would target consumers both male and female between the ages of around 12 — 35; but different segments of this road market are more likely to purchase than others.

The website is not Just limited to the Australian audience. If a company working in a high end market int roduces new product s t o ent er t he lower market s as well, t his is called downward stretching.

All consumers are not strictly bound by this model in making their decisions, but are likely to undergo at east some of the following stages: It is likely that the need for products such as that offered in Billings Swimwear range will ever be made redundant, purely because the risks associated with having lives revolved around the sun are not diminishing in number and neither are the risks associated.

Blabbing uses famous surfers Lane Beaches, Alan Brenna and Andy Irons to achieve higher credibility within the surfing world. If a company works in a moderat e market and decides t o survive bot h t he low end and upper end of t he market is T wo Way Stretch.

On its launch, the previously mentioned method of sample distribution can be used to full effect. They have a familiarity with the products image within the marketplace. After all, it is the expectation that having consumers who exude a lifestyle surrounded by surf and beach that these needs will as some point require satisfying.

The Swimwear range can be officially launched by specifically attaching the name of the new product Swimwear to a Blabbing sponsored event.

Product Mix

It is the intention of Blabbing to extend its dominance into the new market and it is hoped that consumers eliminate the need for extensive searching in order to simply transfer loyalty into this new market.The Term Paper on Consumer Behaviour – Product Line Extension case of Billabong, to ensure the success of their product line extension and the associated marketing activities; it would be 1 THE BILLABONG COMMUNICATION MIX A successful communication mix is essential in the marketing of any brand or product to consumers.

Products. Home; Essays; Writer; About. Company; Legal; Site Map; Contact Us; Advertise His ideal self-image and the reality of his actual behavior and circumstances are the poles of both his inner existence and his dramatic interactions with the other Consumer Behaviour - Product Line Extension (Billabong) Athletic shoe Essay; Titration.

Consumer Behaviour - Product Line Extension (Billabong) consumers when taking into consideration Billabongs efforts to transfer loyalty from past experiences into the new products.

Consumer Behaviour – Product Line Extension (Billabong) Essay

On the other hand most politicians want to be successful. and this much easier if you follow the party line. The use of the whip system means that if there is a whip to the 1st degree then the Prime Minister expects you to vote the same way as him. Consumer Behaviour - Product Line Extension (Billabong) Athletic Footwear Industry - Focus.

In the case of Billabong, to ensure the success of their product line extension and the associated marketing activities; it would be beneficial to hypothesise the probable processes of their target audience in becoming loyal users of the new product.

Consumer Behaviour – Product Line Extension (Billabong) Essay The target audience for any given product or service is the group of people that advertisers wish to attract through their marketing activities.

Consumer behaviour product line extension billabong
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