Comparing the similarities and differences between bill clinton and george w bush

Had that happened, the United States would have had either a Bush or Clinton in the top two positions of the country for atleast 32 years! Clintons first speech to the people was February 15, From time to time before Nov. Bush and Bill Clinton had good times and bad times during their terms but I think they both have done good things for the United States.

George W. Bush: Not much difference between Clintons and Bushes

The elder Bush was unable to transform a very popular and successful Persian Gulf War into domestic success. Recessions and Job Growth in the U. Yet business fixed investment was Iraq War — Both presidencies have been defined by a war in the middle East. Each--if gingerly, given the limited constituency that foreign aid has among Americans these days--endorses giving aid.

Both presidents ideas were not always liked by the people. Bush and Clinton are alike in rejecting any such withdrawal. In terms of equivalent starting points, it makes sense to compare with — two cyclically similar periods of equal duration.

Would it not be more honest to compare several years at a similar stage of the expansion? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

The complications of ethnic fighting has drawn the war into its fifth year. People who live in glass houses should be more careful when tossing around big, bad economics statistics.

However, many polls had it in the 20s. The percentage of families below the poverty line was reduced from The article listed "dueling data points" from the Bush Camp and Clinton Camp.

The economy during the Clinton years became much stronger afterwhen Al Gore or Netscape invented the Internet and the president signed a cut in the capital gains tax. A retrograde Russia would inevitably raise anew the most serious security issues for the United States and its allies.In this spirit, Bill Sammon, a frequent guest on Fox News, set up a provocative duel at between White House spokesman Tony Fratto and Gene Sperling, former economic adviser to President Bill Clinton and current adviser to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nov 10,  · What are similarities and differences of George W.

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Bush and Bill Clinton? I am doing an essay for college english and I need help on some good similarities and differences of Bush and Clinton? if anybody could help thank Resolved.

Comparing Bush and Clinton Economies

Comparing the Foreign Policy of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Towards North Korea Since its creation after the Korean War inNorth Korea, also known as the Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Jul 10,  · George W. Bush and Bill Clinton found common ground in Dallas as they helped promote a joint scholarship program. and Not a Political Zinger Between Them. Despite their political.

At his presidential library in Dallas on Thursday, George W. Bush sat for an hour with his predecessor, Bill Clinton, and tried to convey the depths of their friendship. Bush called Clinton humble. Bush vs. Clinton: How Serious the Foreign Policy Differences?: The historic tendency toward bipartisan consensus has served to mute so far the debate about the post-Cold War U.S.

role abroad. Whether it is George Bush or Bill Clinton who wins the White House on Nov. 3, the list of crisis spots and challenges that sooner or later will.

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Comparing the similarities and differences between bill clinton and george w bush
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