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She said I was describing Brown, and the school has been my first choice ever since. Although I lived in the same apartment and attended the same school for most of my childhood, my days were far from banal. He added that his favorite question was the short response that asked applicants to elaborate on something they created and were especially proud of — a question removed this year.

Class of to apply with shorter supplement One essay and two shorter response questions were removed from the supplement Senior Staff Writer Friday, September 27, Applicants to the class of will complete a significantly revised Brown supplement to the Common Application during the admission cycle, submitting two fewer short answer responses and one fewer essay question.

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With faculty from a range of disciplines, the center is quintessentially Brown and a ripe place for my interest in international relations. During those four weeks on campus, I experienced a strong sense of belonging. However, my feeling that Brown is the right place for me has only grown stronger.

But Miller said he does not think shortening the supplement will have any effect on the volume of applicants, adding that it is not uncommon for universities to change their supplements year to year. From that constantly changing environment I received an unusual combination of stability and unpredictability.

I am eager to participate in campus traditions like Spring Weekend and the midnight organ recital on Halloween and expect endless opportunities to express my values on social issues at Brown.

The hateful messages from the protesters were disturbing, but the passion of the students displaying their support for gay rights was overwhelming. The two admission cycles from the classes of and fell short of that mark, with 28, and 28, applicants, respectively.

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I was excited to attend summer at Brown in and devour the works of Martin Seligman in my Positive Psychology class. So the open curriculum is perfect for me.

If you are "undecided" or not sure which Brown concentrations match your interests, consider describing more generally the academic topics or modes of thought that engage you currently.

Rosalynn Lozado, an early decision applicant to the class of from Mendota, Calif. Basel is quiet and predictable and as different from New York as a city can be. Then, in August ofmy parents and I moved to a small city in Switzerland. She also noted that the shorter supplement allows her more time to complete applications to other schools.

But I adapted, and now consider both places home. My passions and interests range from music to biology to politics and, as I learned at Brown, psychology.

Also eliminated were a word fill-in-the-blank question and a short response prompt. I am attracted to the interdisciplinary nature of the concentration and to the mix of professors from Glenn Loury to Nitsan Chorev.

Why are you drawn to the area s of study you indicated in our Member Section, earlier in this application? He added that the committee examined the relevance and content of the questions from the last application cycle and was able to condense the supplement.

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If I became a Brunonian, I would devote much of my first week to finding the office hours of the professors at the Watson Institute for International Studies. Though I have visited more than 18 countries in my 17 years and have taken classes in four languages, I long to expand my understanding of the world through my experiences at Brown.

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Brown University has always been known for its distinctive academic requirements - distinctive in that it has nearly no traditional academic requirements at all. Brown does not have a core curriculum, and allows students to shape their learning around a required number of credits each semester.

Brown Supplement college-apps: “ In my opinion, the way you present yourself on your supplements is one of the most important factors in your admission.

For Brown especially, you have to make sure you. Top 1 Successful Brown Essays. These college essays are from students who got accepted at Brown them to get inspiration for your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions officers!

Brown Supplement Essay. Completing a Brown supplemental application is an exercise in effectiveness with your writing. You aren’t given many words and tools to work with, and you need to find a way to differentiate yourself and your project from other possible applicants and express why your particular project is important, and how the funds are.

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