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The Boat People and Achievement in America: Behind the Model-Minority Steretype: Annual Review of Sociology, AltaMira Press Min, P. English proficiency becomes the axis which gender identity is explored.

Scientific American, 2: Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese in America. Listening to Asian American Youth. Unraveling the Model Minority Stereotype: Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux.

Implications for Educators and Schools. First They Killed My Father: Indochinese Refugee Families and Academic Achievement.

The Bifurcation of Vietnamese American Youth. From Racial Category to Multiple Identities. Identities, Racial Issues, and Languages. Struggling to Be Heard: Strangers From a Different Shore. State University of New York Press. Changing Patterns, Changing Needs. An analysis of stereotypes about Asian women in U.

Immigrant Students and Literacy: Asian Nation -- This website has useful articles and statistic about Asian cultural, specifically as it pertains to Asian-Americans.

Gendered Language Ideologies in a Laotian American Community -- This article looks at how Laotian males deal with transitions of power from Laos to the United States, where women have more wage equality and access to education.

Voices and personalities of Asian Americans across the U.

Asian American

Contemporary Trends and Issues. Deviant Behavior, 18 4: Urban Education, 27 1: The Asian American Experience Today.The most important changes of the American community after World War II were a great number of occurrences such as the enormous growth of the American economy as a whole, which after World War II was the strongest in the world.

Asian Americans are a group of many races and nationality put into one. Racism towards Asian American's is never talked about. People only focus on the discrimination of African Americans and the Hispanic Americans.

- Asian Americans as Model Minorities For 20 years, Asian Americans have been portrayed by the press and the media as a successful minority. Asian Americans are believed to benefit from astounding achievements in education, rising occupational statuses, increasing income, and are problem-fee in mental health and crime.

Aug 10,  · Asian American Role as Stereotypes In David Henry’s movie depicts how Asian Americans are stereotyped in the media and movies.

During the movie a Caucasian fools a director in audition and pretends to be a stereotyped Asian American.

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Essay: Asian Americans Are Not Caricatures, But the 'Neenja' Video Makes Us Feel Otherwise by Mike Chen, Dan Chen and Yi Yang / Aug / AM ET Screenshot from Jennifer Murphy's "Neenja. Asian Americans are told they’re good at math and science, don’t see many Asian CEOs, hardly ever see Asian actors, never study Asian authors: a vicious cycle of monkey-doesn’t-see-monkey-doesn’t-do.

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